Zirconium is found in nature but mainly in the form of zirconia, or zirconium silicate. This is much more important because its chemical-physical characteristics are consistent and it is the most abundant in nature.


From zirconium silicate, metal zirconium and zirconium oxide is obtained. The latter is recommended for its refractoriness and for its relatively good chemical stability. This is used in dentistry for the production of dental prosthesis.


Zirconium silicate is a good refractory as well. It is used in the glass industry in glass furnaces and in siderurgy. In the ceramic sector, it requires grinding up to microns to be used in the production of white and superwhite ceramic bodies for porcelain and in glazes as an opacifier.


C.B.C. Group uses zirconium silicate in its production processes.