Zinc Oxide



Zinc oxide is a chemical inorganic substance, white and odorless when at room temperature. It is often found on the market as a white powder known as white zinc. It is almost completely insoluble in water but is slightly soluble in acid or alkaline solutions.


C.B.C. Group sells zinc oxide greenpink and gold seal for an array of applications that includes the following:


  • Zinc oxide ceramic uses: Ceramic sector consumes high volume of zinc oxide in particular in glazes for tiles. The reason is that zinc oxide has the right properties to be used in this industry: it improves durability and brightness, it is a thermal conductor, it resist to high temperature and has a low coefficient of expansion. In small doses increases shiny and bright effect while in bigger quantity produces a matt effect;
  • Zinc oxide rubber industry uses: zinc oxide is applied as an activator of the vulcanization process and as a strengthening agent;
  • Medicine and cosmetics: its anti-irritating properties make zinc oxide a perfect ingredient in supplements, emollient, anti-reddening and anti-inflammatory cremes;
  • Zinc oxide paints uses: adopted as opacifying pigments and as anti-corrosive coatings for metals zinc oxide contributes to preserving the colour.