Available in nature as a mineral labelled as “wollastonite”, the calcium metasilicate is a product of remarkable interest in various fields of application.

The wollastonite ceramic emerges as one of the industry where the wollastonite is mostly used and where C.B.C. sells the product to for the following area of applications:

Wollastonite Compounds


Wollastonite is used in compounds for the production of porcelain since it doesn’t develop cooking gas and the risk of air bubbles is very low. A few percentage points of wollastonite in mixtures limit linear shrinkage up to 0.5%.

Wollastonite Frits and glazes


The production of frits and glazes is characterized by a great use of the mineral. Products that contain wollastonite have good resistance to thermal shock, thanks to the low thermal conductivity of wollastonite itself.