Whitener REWhite®


The whitener has been developed to replace the zirconium silicate through minerals and top-notch oxides. It is absolutely unique and outstanding product since 2010. From 2015 is sold internationally with the trademark REWhite®. Infact, in comparison with zirconium silicate, the whitener is cheaper, has a stable price and respect the regulations on radioactivity in force in certain countries.


The amount of whitener needed corresponds to the same amount of zirconium silicate that is usually used during the production process. In this way, the whitener replaces zirconium silicate completely during the production and lets manufacturers obtain the same technical result and an increase in terms of efficiency of the product.


C.B.C. Group produces different range of whiteners REWhite® sold by ReMix, part of the group since 2009, for ceramic bodies, engobes, glazes for tiles and sanitaryware. Each whitener is the results of laboratory tests that leads to finished tailored products for the final customers.


PACKAGING: Big Bags, 25 Kg Bags, , Bulk in tanks (dry material), Cans (liquid material).