Light, resistant, white, shiny, resistant to corrosion – these are the main characteristics of titanium.
95% of the titanium is consumed in the form of titanium dioxide or titanium oxide, a colorless crystalline powder.


In nature titanium oxide is present in three crystalline forms with different colors due to impurities present in the crystal:

  • Rutilo
  • Anatase
  • Brookite


The titanium dioxide thanks to its high refractive index (transmission speed of electromagnetic radiations) and its covering power is used as a white pigment in paints (for this reason we speak of titanium white), as an additive to plastics to facilitate the extrusion and in concrete for construction. Moreover, as a matting agent in paper, in textile fibers and in cosmetics which is also used in sunscreens to protect the skin from UV rays.


In the ceramic sector it acts as opacifyer and it is the most used in engobes and glassy glazes to improve the acid resistance, lower the viscosity and produce an excellent whiteness and brilliance.

The C.B.C. Group sells rutile and anatase titanium oxide and uses it in their own productions.


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