Talc is a mineral found in igneous and metamorphic rocks widespread on earth. In its chemical composition may be present, sometimes, aluminum, titanium, ferrous iron and manganese, which replace respectively the silicon and magnesium.

It is a very soft mineral, greasy, with a lamellar structure and white colour with various shades: white-ivory snow, greenish-white and gray or brownish.

In paint industry it allows uniformity of drying, improves the matifying effect, the resistance to cracking and corrosion. In the paper industry , it can replace kaolin, to get smooth and white surfaces improving smoothness and printability. In the plastics industry , thanks to its lamellar structure, it is a reinforcing agent in a variety of applications in the field of polymers. While, in the rubber industry it is employed to improve the abrasion resistance and tensile strength. Moreover, in cosmetics it is used in creams, refreshing powders and skin dryer while in the pharmaceutical industry for the preparation of medicinal powders for external use.

Finally, in the ceramic sector , alongside other components such as feldspar and clay, it is used as a refractory material particularly resistant to thermal shock. It is even widely used as a fluidifying agent.

C.B.C Group sells talc and uses it in its production plants.

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