ReMix Srl

ReMix spa was founded in 2010 to satisfy one precise need: the constant update and evolution of the products on the ceramic market.

Thanks to the synergies and the productive capacity of the other companies of the Group – I.MA.F. and C.B.C. – ReMix was then able to carry out new products through wet milling and sell them. Among these, the most relevant one is the whitener for ceramic bodies and engobes.

This product is the result of the advanced technical research of the Group laboratory and has been studied to replace zirconium silicate through the use of top-notch minerals and oxides. In comparison with zirconium silicate it has a stable price and respects the regulations on radioactivity in force in certain countries.

Not only the success of this product led the company to be the leader in the sector of whiteners and glazes in just two years after its foundation, but also led ReMix towards the production of a whitener for digital inks and glazes that can be used on tiles and on sanitaryware.