ReMix, a growing reality


In conjunction with the consolidation of the European positioning, the ReMix is broadening the horizons also in countries that only few years ago discovered the potentialities of ceramic sector. The new expansion will focus first on Asia. In Indonesia and Malesia, representative offices with local agents will be opened by the end of March.
Then, by the end of the year 2016 ReMix will open a warehouse in Tennessee USA, now an important base of the ceramic sector in mainland America.
The quality and attention to details that characterize the Made in Italy are highly appreciated in these countries that opened their borders to the professionalism by ReMix.

This new project is in line with the business strategy of geographic expansion that continues relentlessly even in the next years and strengthens the company position in its effort to provide customized solutions to each client always maintaining a strong corporate identity.

So as to manage the growing demand that this strategy will generate, the C.B.C. Group, which ReMix is part of, has recently installed new mills that not only will improve responsiveness to customer requests but will also increase the production efficiency of REWhite® whitener by ReMix, special ceramic bodies, engobes and glazes by C.B.C.