Kaolins are a particular type of clays formed almost exclusively from Kaolinite. They usually have white or greyish color, that distinguishes them in two categories:

  • china clay is made of kaolinite that is white before and after firing. This property can be gained even through purification that diminishes the content of quarz, feldspar, mica and other non-clayish minerals before they are used in ceramic bodies
  • ball clay can be of any color before firing, but must be white during or after firing

Due to its color, its plasticity, and no tendency to swelling during production, it is largely used in various production processes.

C.B.C. Group sells kaolins with high levels of purity and different particle sizes for both bodies and glazes , that the market increasingly requires to obtain finished product of light shades. Moreover, kaolins for tableware . Being translucent, hard and thin, kaolin provides tableware with the necessary plasticity refractoriness.


In the production of light-coloured ceramic bodies is it possible to use different types of kaolins, primary, secondary and processed. C.B.C. offers all types.

Read the data sheets of the kaolins for ceramic bodies:

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