I.Z. Italiana Zeoliti Srl


I.Z. SRL was founded in 1991 in Sassuolo to enhance Italian zeolites material in the zootechnical, agricultural and animal care industry.

Since its foundation it strictly collaborates with the Geomaterials Research Group and with the Professor of Geology Maurizio De Gennaro of the University “Federico II” in Naples whose studies on Italian zeolites made them one of the Italian main reference for geological studies and research.

Italiana Zeoliti has established itself as the European leader in the use of zeolite materials for the production of natural zeolitesadditives for animal feed and litters for pets for large retail sector.

Quality controls and research on raw materials are carried out in the company’s plant located in Prignano sulla Secchia (MO) where there is not only a laboratory but also comminution, grinding and packaging systems.

The manufacture of products with the use of Italian zeolite materials for the ceramic uses and the zootechnical sector is not aimed only at the national market but also at the European one.



Italiana Zeoliti success depends on its constant commitment to the research and development of new products.

Using natural zeolite materials that have unique properties such as absorbents and molecular sieves, zootechnical products are able to absorb Co2 and save on water consumption

The use of zeolites in zootechnical additives for animals (dogs, sheep, cattle, pigs, etc …) is interesting as they are able to promote digestive processes by improving production performance

Adsorbene® and Phil75® exemplifies this principle and represent most important zootechnical  products, thanks to which the company maintains its leadership in the sector. The zootechnical additives produced by Italiana Zeoliti reduce the production of gas in farms, improving the health of the animals and the conservation of food.



  • ISO 9001:2015 “Quality Management System”: this international standard guarantees a solid base and high-level structure to ensure consistency and to achieve conformity of products to meet customers needs and expectations;
  • FAMI-QS N°03/ITA:2010Good Manufacturing Practices on feed safety and quality”: Italiana Zeoliti respect FAMI-QS Code of Practice to ensure feed safety by minimizing unsafe practices and the risk of hazardous ingredients entering the food chain;
  • Authorization from European Commission EU SUBMISSION N°1273743285501-460: Italiana Zeoliti has submitted the application to obtain the EU’s authorization to sell Phil75® on the market;
  • Production site approval n° αIT000434MO released by Italian statutory health corporation (ASL): Italiana Zeoliti is approved as a producer of additives and compounds for zootechnical use;
  • Food Quality and Safety Policy