I.MA.F. Spa

The company I.MA.F. Spa was founded in 1999. It is responsible for the dry milling of top-notch raw materials for the production of ceramic glazes , engobes , ceramic plates , quartzites and rubber. Dry milling is mainly applied to feldspars and aluminium oxide.

By the usage of two mills of 60 000 litres each, the company supplies micronized raw materials and compounds to the Group’s companies and to the various interested sectors:

  • for the ceramic sector it produces feldspar for porcelain bodies and the production of ceramic slabs ; feldspar for engobes and ceramic glazes and feldspar with low free silica content for quartzites and synthetic marble
  • for the rubber industry, it produces mainly fireproof materials

Thanks to a quality control laboratory within the production department the company is able to guarantee customers the maximum granulometric constancy associated to its products.

All in all, I.MA.F. is the official distributor in Italy of all the raw materials of the French multinational company Imerys suitable for the production of ceramic glazes. Some examples are: kaolin Arvor and Kerbrient.

Ventilated alumina

I.MA.F. offers to its clients ventilated alumina. This product is milled to a particle size up to 20 µm. This characteristics allows various uses.


Based on the certifications, I.MA.F. implements a Policy for Quality and the Environment