I.MA.F. Spa


I.MA.F. SPA was founded in 1999. The company succeed immediately in dry milling process of high-quality raw materials – mainly feldspar and alumina – used in the production of ceramic glazes, engobes, ceramic slabs, rubber and synthetic marbles.


By the usage of two mills of 60 000 litres each, the company supplies micronized raw materials and micronized compounds to different industrial sectors:

  • For ceramics the company produces a feldspar suitable for the production of ceramic slabs, engobes and glazes and feldspar with low content of free crystalline silica for the production of synthetic marbles.
  • For rubber industry the company produces fireproof materials (Alumina)


I.MA.F. has a laboratory that guarantee customers with granulometric constancy and the best quality, and two production plants equipped with mills, mixing plants and packaging systems.


The company respect the following international standards: ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 and implements its own Quality and Environment Policy.  All in all, I.MA.F. is the official distributor in Italy of all the raw materials of the French multinational company Imerys used in the production of ceramic glazes. Some examples are: kaolin Arvor and Kerbrient.




I.MA.F. is an Italian company whose main market is Italy. It supplies many Italian companies operating on the ceramic, rubber and glass industry worldwide.


Since its foundation the company  proved to be a big innovator as it believed in advance in the production of ceramic slabs.


Thanks to the technical-productive experience gained since then, the company, as a result of an increasing need of these formats, easily penetrated into market with raw materials for slabs production.


I.MA.F. concentrates its research towards innovative solutions designed for ceramics sector guaranteeing excellent technical performances