Clay represents a sediment made of clayish minerals characterized by physical and chemical properties that add plasticity if mixed with water and refractoriness if dehydrated. These properties led many companies to success in the ceramic and building industry.

In these business areas C.B.C. Group sells and uses in its own production, clays with various particles sizes for ceramic bodies for the production of porcelain suitable for presses or wiredrawing machines; but also for engobes , glazes and sanitaryware . Last but not least, is the production of clay bricks and thermal muds (Peloids) sold to spas for dermatological care thanks to its remineralizing and antiendemigene properties.

Clay F represents one of the product in this category. Read the certificate of mineralogical and geotechnical analysis .

Since 2015, C.B.C. sells also clays coming from Ukraine , in particular form Dombass Region. These clays are essential for the production of white porcelain bodies and for the production of slabs . Thanks to large capacity vessels (25000/30000 tons) a large supply of clays is constantly stored in Ravenna warehouse that is mostly covered. This allow the company to sell clays with limited percentage of moisture during all year long. High level of plasticity and l ow level of Fe2O3 are the main characteristics of these Ukrainian clays.

Read the data sheet of Ukrainian clays:

Clay AL23
Clay AM2510
Clay SKT1
Clay SKT2

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