Zeolitite is a raw material of vulcanic origin in which there are substantial contents ( ≥50%) of zeolites. These minerals are hydrated aluminosilicates of alkali and alkaline earth metals with specific properties like the cation-exchange capacity and adsorption.


Since its foundation Italiana Zeoliti focused the attention on volcanic tuffs linked to the activity of Phlegraean Fields in Naples:

  • Neapolitan Yellow Tuff (NYT)
  • Yellow Facies of Ignimbrite (LYT)

Both contain a quantity of Phillipsite and Chabazite equal to or greater than 50% and can be used in animal feed as additives belonging to the functional groups of binding and anti-caking agents because the levels of undesirable substances (ex. Pb, Cd and Dioxins) are compliant to the provisions of European regulations 2002/32/EC and subsequent amendments, 277/2012 and 744/2012.

Phillipsite and Chabazite in the vulcanic tuffs of region Campania are rich in Potassium as a consequence of the chemical composition of the volcanic precursor.

The exchange capacity of these zeolites is around 3,5 ÷ 3,6 meq/gr making them suitable for many technological applications:

  • Zootechnics to improve animals health;
  • Agriculture, as soil amendments and to purify waste water, sewage, etc.

Phil75® is a trademark owned by Italiana Zeoliti. The product is the result of a specific industrial process of enrichment of zeolitite carried out in the company’s plant.

It is an animal feed additive used in zootechnics to help digestive process of the animals; as a result of a detoxifying action, the product removes toxins resulting from bacterial degradation and absorbs the ammonium ions in the intestinal tract, thus reducing the gases production (ammonia) in the environment.


The use of Phil75® as a feed additive belonging to the functional groups of binders and anti-caking agents was authorized by the Italian Ministry of Health Office XI of the General Direction of Animal Health and Food Safety that compares Phil75® to additive E566.


Proper use of Phil75® allows to:

  • Dramatically reduce gas produced by livestock
  • Improve the animals health
  • Prevent the onset of intestinal disorders (diarrhea)
  • Improve food preservation
  • Transform sewage in excellent fertilizer
  • Reduce water treatment costs


Recent studies have evaluated the possibility to use zeolitites in combination with bentonite in winemaking processes.


I.Z. has submitted an application to the European Commission to get the authorization to sell Phil75® – SUBMISSION N°1273743285501-460.