Zeolites are of vulcanic origin and formed millions of years ago.

These are used in zootechnics to improve productive performances and inside feeds to improve animals health because it helps digestive processes. Its detoxifying action absorbs the ammonia in the intestinal tract and toxins resulting from bacterial degradation.

In agriculture , however, it is used for the purification of waste water, sewage, farms, as well as in soil fertilization for growing vegetables.

In this area, I.Z. Italiana Zeoliti offers Phil75® . Phil75® is zeolitic material coming from Italian region Campania that is then enriched during industrial processes. The product reacts by removing the ammonium ion through ion-exchange process, thus reducing the gases production (ammonia) in the environment.

The use of Phil75® as a feed additive belonging to the functional groups of binders and anti-caking agents was authorized by the Italian Ministry of Health , DG Animal Health and Food Safety – Office XI that compares Phil75® to additive E566 .

Proper use of Phil75® allows you to:

    • Dramatically reduce gas produced by livestock
    • Improve the animals health
    • Prevent the onset of intestinal disorders (diarrhea)
    • Improve food preservation
    • Transform sewage in excellent fertilizer
    • Reduce water treatment costs

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