Energy efficiency rewards C.B.C. Group


On June 23th C.B.C Group won the Energy Saving Award 2015, organized by Omron, shedding light to most interesting application of energy management on the Italian market.

The Japanese green company specialized in industrial automation, organizes each year the initiative dedicated to energy efficiency based on the evaluation of four elements: total efficiency power, energy-saving rate, monetary savings and payback period. C.B.C. passed this evaluation with success because it has implemented policies energetically virtuous by adopting Omron tools for energy efficiency in industry.

In particular, C.B.C. Group made an energy saving intervention to improve efficiency through a total revamping (automation, field buses and engines) of the facilities for the dry milling addressed to compounds for double fast firing and porcelain. The ensamble of inverters and PLC to the electric motors present in C.B.C. plants has contributed to a greater flexibility of the facilities in terms of speed control and load management, and to a reduction of energy consumption, in terms of costs.

The presentation of the project took place during the event along with REM Automazioni Srl represented by Corrado Macchioni and Mauro Ravazzini specialized in automation for the ceramic industry.

For C.B.C. they installed Omron technology mainly inside two plants dedicated to raw materials milling and processing. Evidence shows that the first plant has achieved annual savings of 745,000 kWh, equivalent to € 89,400, after an investment of € 27,000, while the second plant has experienced a savings of 835,000 kWh, equivalent to about € 100,000, compared to an investment of € 37,000. The payback on investment for the revamping project was approximately three months.

The excellent results obtained thanks to the design innovations of the system demonstrate how such an investment is a choice that proves beneficial in terms of technological innovation perfectly sustainable.

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