C.B.C. Spa


C.B.C. Spa was founded in 1985. It started its activity by selling raw materials suitable for the production of glazes and engobes. Then, the company specializes in the dry milling of raw materials for the production of ceramic bodies that are still receiving considerable interest in the ceramic industry. Relevant examples are:

  • ceramic body for the production of double fast firing that guarantees no shrinkage in size and it is suitable for the production of tiles of big sizes;
  • ceramic body for the production of porcelain suitable for presses or wiredrawing machines, that could be used also for the production of tiles of big sizes with exceptional mechanical and absorption characteristics.


In 1999 C.B.C. founded a new company  – I.MA.F. –  focused on the milling of feldspars proving to believe in advance in the production of tiles bigger than 3 meters, not popular at that time. Thanks to the technical-productive experience gained since then, the company, as a result of an increasing need of these formats, penetrated easily the market with raw materials suitable for these productions.


Then, in 2009 after an acquisition, C.B.C. enlarged its stuff thus starting the production of engobes and glazes ready to use.


The following year, after having pursued an alternative to zirconium silicate, ReMix enters the market. The brand-new company, along with C.B.C. and I.MA.F., managed through wet milling to produce and sell whiteners for ceramic bodies engobes glazes sanitaryware and inks, capable of replacing zirconium silicate completely. In this way, ReMix soon became a leader in the ceramic industry.


All this was possible thanks to high professionalism and production capacity of C.B.C.’s own facilities located in the ceramic district of Modena, equipped with:

  • Mills for bodies milling
  • Granulation plants and dryer
  • Powder mixing plants
  • Packaging systems – valve and open-mouth bagging machines




C.B.C. is an Italian company that chose Italy as its main market. It is the supplier of many Italian companies operating on the tile market worldwide.

Every day C.B.C. works to consolidate its position in the ceramic sector not only in terms of customer acquisition and customer retention but also through significant investments on industrial assets to overcome market changes.

The company strongly believes that demonstrating reliability is the best way to establish and grow the trust with the clients.