C.B.C. celebrates 30 years


2015 is an important year for C.B.C. as the company celebrates 30 years.

30 years of history dedicated to the constant growth and innovation that has focused on the customer and their needs, products, their enrichment and technologies to improve production processes.

C.B.C. an idea from Angelo Cappi, was founded in 1985 to sell raw materials for the ceramic sector. During the years it specializes in the dry milling of raw materials for the production of ceramic bodies that are still receiving considerable interest in the ceramic sector.

Aiming at differentiate its core business, in 1991, I.Z. Italiana Zeoliti was founded to value Italian zeolities and its derivates and their usage in zootechnic, agricultural and animal care sector.

In 1999 C.B.C. founded I.MA.F., for feldspars micronization proving to believe in advance in the production of tiles bigger than 3 meters, not popular at that time. Then, after having pursued an alternative to zirconium silicate, ReMix was founded in 2010. Along with C.B.C. and I.MA.F., it managed through wet milling to produce and sell whiteners REWhite® for ceramic bodies, engobes, ceramic glazes, sanitaryware and inks, capable of replacing zirconium silicate completely. In this way, ReMix soon became a leader in this industrial sphere.

Thanks to synergies among different above-mentioned companies, today we speak of C.B.C. Group. With four plants and offices located in the ceramic district of Modena, the Group employes around 60 people and five of them are specifically dispatched to the research and development to test new product and enrich actual ones but above all to pinpoint what does the client want and would need.