Bentonite is a clayish mineral made of montmorillonite, calcium or sodium.
It is found in volcanic soil as a product of decomposition of volcanic ash and is characterized by the ability to absorb water by inflating.
In the bentonite, montmorillonite always comes with other clayish minerals (such as illite, mica, kaolin…) and non-clayish minerals (such as quartz, feldspar, calcite and gypsum).
The presence of these minerals can affect the quality of bentonite and make it more or less suitable for certain applications.

Areas of use are the most diverse, from civil engineering to the paper industry , from paints and varnishes to feed production .

Specifically, C.B.C. Group offers gray and white bentonite – granular or ground – for the ceramic industry where it is used as a plasticizer in ceramic bodies and as a suspending agent in glazes . At the same way I.Z. Italiana Zeoliti , part of the Group, uses bentonite for the production of litters for pets because it is a biding agent that inflates and eliminates rapidly bad odors.

Today litters for pets are distributed in the main large retail chains.

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