Alumina or Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3) is a white crystalline powder characterized by different grades of purity. Alumina mechanical and electrical properties make the product versatile for a wide range of industrial applications. The ceramic, glass and refractory industry represent the main area of usage of this material followed by the industry of paint, rubber, plastic, chemistry and synthetic zeolite.


C.B.C. adopts it in its own productions and offers to its clients different aluminia ceramic uses:

Calcined Alumina


The calcined alumina is obtained through a process of calcination and it is used for the production of high voltage insulators and brake pads. In the ceramic sector it is used for the production of engobes, glazes and ceramic bodies thanks to its opacifying and bleaching power that is low or high, based on the level of calcination. C.B.C. offers low, medium or high calcined alumina.

Hydrate Alumina


The hydrate alumina is suitable for the production of aluminium salts, sodium aluminate, zeolite, catalysts, pigments; bodies for the production of fire-retardant rubber materials and bodies for the ceramic sector thanks to alumina whitening power.

Micronized Alumina


The micronized alumina is subject to the process of micronization allowing alumina particles to reach a size range from 20 µm up to 1 µm. His subtlety makes it suitable for the preparation of glazes, digital inks and rubber.