The feldspar gives its name to an important group of minerals that make up as much as 60 % of earth’s crust as a result of a process of crystallization of the magma. They can be of different types: potassium, sodium, barium and calcium feldspar. Fusibility is its most important characteristic from the industrial point of view because it allows its use in ceramic porcelain fired at high temperature, in porous bodies, glazes, varnishes and vitrified products for the shock resistance and viscosity.

I.MA.F. Spa part of C.B.C Group offers feldspars of different particle size, packed or bulk. For the ceramic sector produces:

  • feldspar for mixtures for porcelain used in the production of ceramic plates
  • feldspar for ceramic engobes and glazes
  • feldspar with low free silica content for synthetic marble

PACKAGING : Big bags, Bulk